Christmas Cards – Art and Money

Blame it on the Covid, but my planned Twofer Tuesday yesterday went kattywhampus on me.  I thought I had scratched my original Twofer which featured two Christmas cards sent to Buzzy’s over the holidays.

I thought I had scratched the Twofer card post and instead inserted something about my Covid mis-adventures.  However, somewhere in those machinations, I deleted the following and while trying to substitute the Covid Blues post, I inadvertently put Cindy’s Twofer on the Buzzyblog instead.

Later on in the morning,  someone pulsed me about why I had not discussed my Covid issues and It was then that I realized my mistake.  So here today is the first Buzzyblog Twofer Wednesday.  

Every year Buzzy’s Country Store receives several Christmas cards from various folks and businesses.  Quite a few are repeaters in that each year they send one our way.  This year, these two were very special.  First up John Hammill sent this original art one:


The same day that I received John’s card, there was also a nice card from Polock way down in Florida.  Inside the card, Polock inscribed this nice note along with a Benjamin to buy all his Buzzy friends a drink:

Now how’s that for a nice Twofer even if a day late?!!   Thank you John and Polock.

One last Christmas song courtsey of Willie:

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