Healing Cards

Speaking of receiving nice cards (previous post) one of my quarantine chores has involved  going thru old files and papers that I’ve had stashed on a shelf for years.  Ironically enough, the first pile I picked to sort thru was a group of get well cards sent to me following my hip fracture 5 years ago behind Buzzy’s Country Store.  And yes I saved all of those cards just because, well, I don’t really know why.   Guess I must have liked and appreciated that so many folks thought enough to send them my way.  

As for a couple of samples, first up is one from my cousin Sister Marianne whose card notes how nice it is to have others thinking about you especially when you’re down as I was – literally!

And thanks to Cathy Wright I even had the St. Michael’s Ladies of Charity thinking about and praying for me and my recovery:

And then there was this card from my Buzzy friends that seemed to say it all:  

If enlarged you will see touching sentiments such as “Better You Than Me” and “Get back soon, we are almost out of beer.”  Why do I love those comments?

Kim Austin sent me this clever one:

Too, I got cards from my buddies who I always say are my stand up guys:
This one from Steve Raley:

My guy Norm sent this one with some very good advice that I did try to follow:

And since I started with a card from my cousin, I’ll conclude with one from another Cousin Jo Jo and his wife Pat:

After years of taking wedding pictures and suffering thru numerous couples’ first dances to the insufferable song “May I Have This Dance for the Rest of My Life,” I didn’t have much regard for anything from Anne Murray.  However, this song of hers almost made up for the awfulness of that first dance dog that she sicced on us for the rest of our lives.  

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