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Sign At a Friends’ Apartment Where She Was Hosting a Birthday Party

Following my Buzzy Covid update earlier this month (click here) where I discussed how I felt about unvaccinated folks coming into the Store, I received a lot of feedback from folks who were supportive of what I had said.  I have even had a couple of “new” folks visit Buzzy’s for the the first time because they had seen the Blog and told me that they supported me trying to make Buzzy’s as safe a place as it can be during crazy times like these. 

Conversely, I have also had a couple of folks stop coming into the Store and are supposedly upset with me and what I said.  (I say supposedly because I have heard this from other folks and not directly from my boycotters.  For all I know they could be staying away because I put up the Buzzy Christmas tree.) 

And while I do miss seeing these unvaccinated-by-choice-dudes, I am reminded of the old saying – the dog barks but the Buzzy parade goes on.  (Then again, perhaps my gentler comment, more along the lines of an apology, to them should be the Godfather’s response before blowing someone away as in “It’s nothing personal, it’s just business.”)

But when it comes to dealing with Covid, it is about more than just business as it also involves peoples’ health, quality of life and perhaps even death.  As a business owner, I am compelled to run as safe a place as I can to ensure everyone’s health and welfare.  As of today, over 62% of our overall U.S. population has been fully vaccinated with 73% having received at least one dose  (click here.)  St. Mary’s County’s fully vaccinated rate is at 59.9%:

– St. Mary’s County Health Department (

This means that almost two thirds to three fourths of all folks are vaccinated.  As a business owner, and particularly one in the hospitality trade, I owe it to all folks coming into Buzzy’s that they can do so knowing that they can relax and have a good time while minimizing their Covid concerns to the extent possible.     

I found a very good Covid article where the author takes a somewhat nuanced approach to the whole Covid issue, mandates, vaccines etc..  He hits all the right notes on how we are or are not dealing with the pandemic.  As stated, it is a nuanced article but I know that most of you who are reading here can do nuance.  (My Buzzy folks who don’t do nuance, don’t much read the Buzzyblog in the first place.)  But check the article out for yourself and see what you think  (click here) 

Music wise Ray Stevens recorded this Christmas tune in 1985 as his first music video.  The “He’s everywhere” refrain gets me everytime:

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