Hail Mary Full of Football

Lots of NFL talk about quarterbacks throwing 4 interceptions this week.  Just last night the Saints’ Taysom Hill threw 4 in their loss to the Cowboys.  Earlier in the week,  Ravens’ QB Lamar Jackson threw 4 but the Ravens still somehow managed to win the game  (click here for stories on both these games.)  

Following the Ravens’ Sunday night win, came the news that the last time a QB threw 4 int’s and his team won the game was in 2013 when Andy Dalton threw a touchdown pass against – yep the Ravens.  It brought back a very bad memory of the highlight film of that play (click here) and was a particularly bad loss for the Ravens because it eliminated them from returning to the playoffs following their 2012 Super Bowl win.

In football lingo, Dalton’s game winning pass is known as a Hail Mary.  Roger Staubach gets a lot of credit for the term when he commented on his 1975 Thanksgiving game winning throw to Drew Pearson “I just closed my eyes and said a Hail Mary.”  However, turns out that the Notre Dame bubbas were using the reference as far back as 1922 when they would pray before a given play (click here for all that historical Hail Mary stuff.) 

There is also a very good video titled A Football Life Roger Staubach where he discusses his Hail Mary (15:40 mark) but you have to be on Youtube – just type in “A Football Life Roger Staubach” to view it.   If you do watch the video, note Roger saying something about being “Just a Catholic kid from Cinncinati.”  Wonder if there is a Cinncinati – Hail Mary connection in there somewhere?  (Also in the video, if you don’t care to watch all 45 minutes of it, at least check out the funny discussion of the Cowboys-Redskins’ rivalry at the 29:00. 

Speaking of dudes who know ladies named Mary, here is Jimi, slowed down and bluesy, singing some nice things about his Mary.  Great lyrics, even if I still have no clue what the hell “footprints dressed in red” are.

At Buzzy’s Country Store next week Sunday 12/12 we will be featuring the Cowboys/WFT game at 1 o’clock. Should be fun so drop in.

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