Sunday Church Musings

My cousin Father John Ridgell once explained to me the Church’s ambivalence towards Santa Claus.  Bottom line he said is that the Church doesn’t really care for ole Santa even if he was based on their very own Good Saint Nick as in St. Nicholas (click here.)  John pointed out how the Church and some of the other Christian faiths have had some major problems with Santa thru the years (click here.)

I thought of John’s discussion of this matter when the following headline and story caught my eye:

Catholic bishop tells children Santa Claus ‘is not real’ | Washington Examiner
Since all of these faiths are based on beliefs in things not seen, they may want to give Santa a pass.  On the other hand, if they want to go after debunking that Easter bunny business, now they are onto something!

And since I mentioned St. Nick, here is a Christmas tune that I never get tired of hearing I think mostly because I always find myself looking forward to hearing the “He don’t miss no one” line (1:13 mark.) 

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