Hasagawa General Store

Back from visiting daughter Ryan in Hawaii, for my first post-trip post I’d like to feature the Hasagawa General Store that we visited in Hana.  (And yes, we drove the road to Hana and yes, like everyone else once we got there asked ourselves “Why’d we do this?'”  

Well, I now have an answer you can tell folks whenever you hear them mention their visit to Hana and quip “There’s NOTHING there.” You can ask them about the Hasagawa General Store.  I found this nice little video on it.  (Note that the bumper sticker shown at the 1:54 mark is now displayed on the Buzzy Beer cooler.)

Hasagawa Store even has its own song written about them. I may have to get my buddy Gary Rue to start working up a Buzzy’s Country Store song for us.

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