Life is a Beach (Or Something Like That)

Snowy, cold morning but my thoughts are in Hawaii and 15 years ago when Pam and I made our first trip there together to visit my daughter Ryan.  Some photos from back then:

Ryan and the Duke 

Pam amd Moi With Famous Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Background
Ry and Some Guy Wearing an Eddie Aikau Shirt

Me and Duke Getting Lei’d

Next week Pam and I will be heading out on our first travel venture after 2 years of staying Covid home.  We will be visiting Ryan this time in Maui and then will spend a couple days in Oahu.  While in Honolulu we will of course re-visit Waikiki Beach as we did back in 07.   

Last month when I was including Christmas tunes from various people, I did a post on Nick Lowe and his 4 record compilation The Doings.  While that Christmas tune of Nick’s was not included on the compilation, here is a tune of his that was on the compilation.  It always runs thru my mind as I get ready to travel somewhere.  (The video here is another from the excellent Daryl’s House series.) 

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