Lots of 2's on This Twofer Tuesday

I am currently in the process of getting a new iPhone because my iPhone 6 is just not cutting it anymore.  The Buzzy in me is not too happy about shelling out several hundred dollars for a new phone when the old one is still working semi-ok.  However, there are a couple reasons I am doing so mostly because I want a better camera.  (Forget using the phone for making calls right?)  

But a secondary reason for jettisoning my old model is that the apps on it are starting to drop because the phone will not accept any additional software updates from the manufacturer.  One example popped up just a few weeks ago when Pam and I were prepping to go to Hawaii and had to download the Hawaiian Safe Entry app and my phone would not work because it does not have the latest IOS software update.  Apple stopped updating the software for it some time ago.  

I have run into several other cases previously where I couldn’t download something because the software is now dated.  Talk about a racket these phone folks have going where they force you to have to buy a new phone even if you don’t really want a new one.    Pam is quick to point out to me that I have gotten 7 years usage out of the current model, and that I shouldn’t bitch so much.  The Buzzy in me however, thinks 7 years is not enough lifetime for something so pricey.

But to prepare for my new phone, I went thru various apps, files and photos on my old phone.  Here are the first couple of photos that I took with the phone back in Feb 2015 when I first got it.

Not only was the following the first photo on the phone that I ever took, it was also my first selfie.  As you can see Brian was fairly underwhelmed by the whole experience.  

That photo was taken on 9 Feb and the next day I managed to capture Linda celebrating her birthday at the Mexican Restaurant as Robby dished up some birthday cake for her to sample.

And then on the 12th of Feb it was my guys and gals Brady, Caitie, Lily, Shea and Shawn helping me celebrate my birthday.  (Remember these photos were all taken in 2015 before Blaise, Stone, Marley, Stephanie and Emma rolled into the picture(s.)

Hopefully My New Phone Will Know How to Get That Light From Around Shea’s Head

OK, pop quiz time just to see if you are paying attention – there are 6 sets of two’s either mentioned above or seen in the photos.  See if you can identify them.  Answers below.

And on the subject of telephones there is Debbie Harry who can call me anytime:


Answers – Two reasons for a new phone, two photos featuring two people, two birthdays, two sons Brady and Shea and two grandkids Lily and Shawn.  Then there is another twofer that I have not mentioned and that is that I am trading in my iPhone 6 for an iPhone 12 and hence “doubling up” I guess you can say.  Don’t think I’ll be around to ever have to worry about getting an iPhone 24. Some consolation, eh?

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