Everything I Know I Learned From Country Music

During football season when I am driving around, I listen mostly to sports radio stations.   Up around the Park and L’town I can pick up the Ravens station at 105.7; when driving South County, I’ll catch WFT’s 106.7.

After the football season is over, or is winding down, like it is now, I will switch back to the local 102.9 country music station WKIK Leonardtown.  They play a nice mix of the old country music with the newer stuff.  I find myself enjoying listening to these small passion plays about life.  Most country songs do have a story to tell even if it sometimes sounds like it’s the same story.

The old joke about country music goes – 

But I guess the times they are a ‘changing, even for country music.  There is this:

But back to the traditional themes of a country music song, they have even written songs about that phenomenon (click here) and/or listen to this tune: 

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