Larry King – One and Many Years Later

I had the following planned for 23 January which was the one-year anniversary of Larry King’s death.  (Don’t you agree that “anniversary” seems like the wrong reference to be using when talking about someone’s death.  Anniversary seems like a fun/celebratory word and when used to say Death Anniversary it still doesn’t sound right to me.)

Larry King’s one year ago passing reminded me of his newspaper column that he used to write for USA Today.  

Back in the day, my buddy and longtime co-worker Doug Ford used to buy the newspaper USA Today and pass it along to me after he finished reading it during our lunch break at work.  While my first go-to in USA Today was always the sports section, my second stop was to check out Larry King’s column It’s My Two cents (click here.)  

Larry’s column was always a stream of consciousness that was borderline stupid but often times kinda clever and funny.  (And nooooo,  the Buzzyblog is not modelled after that!  Alright, well maybe it is a little bit.) 

I found a good sample here of how Larry’s columns went.  Click on the link below the sample to read more about him and his columns.

King’s Things: It’s My Two Cents – Larry King Live – Blogs

Mick’s song about newspapers created a little misogynistic churn when he compared tossing yesterday’s news paper to getting rid of an old girl friend. I never got all that because it made perfect sense to me:

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