Ma'alaea Country Store

I began this Buzzyblog week with a post about Maui’s most famous country store the Hasagawa in Hana.  Today, I conclude the week by telling you about another old Maui store that’s still around – the Ma’alaea General Store. (Pronunciation = Mah-ah-lie-ah.)  

Ma’alaea is a bustling harbor located on the coast between the northern and southern sections of Maui.  (Little side note here – Maui is shaped like a woman.  Thus, Ma’alaea is situated on her chin as shown here:)

The store has been around since 1910 when a Japanese family opened it to serve the needs of the harbor and the Sugar Cane factory located nearby (click here.)

It closed in 2005 and remained boarded up until 2011:

Here are a couple photo’s how it looks today.

In addition to being a cafe, the store also features a bar with on premise servings as well as beer and booze to go.  Pam got this photo of Ryan and me as we waited for our lunch orders.  

Note – Hawaii Has Strict Enforcement of Masking and Showing of Vaccine Cards

Music-wise some Jack Johnson surfing the North Shore:


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