Main topic of conversation in Buzzy’s Country Store yesterday of course was the approaching snowstorm.   In general, people love to talk about the weather rain or shine.  However, let a hurricane or a snowstorm start heading our way and it’s really on then.  There’s a feminist joke about why forecasting snow is like looking forward to a sexual encounter – women shop, change their schedules around and prepare for it only to end up with 3 inches and over much too soon.  That seems about right today when viewing how much snow was deposited on us last night.

Found this on my friend Darlene’s FB page:

I PM’d Darlene to let me know how she makes out with that teaching exercise as I may do something similar at Buzzy’s in the future.  Til then though, think I’ll keep Duncan on tap to take care clearing snow out of the Buzzy parking lot.

Rob probably wasn’t talking weather-related issues here but who knows.  Lots of nice snow pictures however.

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