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Today of course features the NFL playoffs to see who goes to the Super Bowl.  Thus, it makes perfect sense for me to talk to you about basketball, right?  After listening all week to speculations and what if’s about these 2 NFL games, I am not sure what more can be said other than “Shutup and play!”  Note – we will have both games on the Buzzy boob tube for you to view.

St. Mary’s College Men’s Basketball Coach Chris Harney was in Buzzy’s Country Store the other day giving me an update on how their season is going.  He told me how, after getting off to a slow start against their non-conference opponents, the Seahawks are now on a roll and are undefeated in their United East Conference play (click here.

This is St. Mary’s first year in the United East Conference which is comprised mostly of schools in Pennsylvania and New York.  (Gallaudet, located in DC, is also a member of United East.)  St. Mary’s is the most southern team in the league and as Chris noted that makes for some very long road trips to and from games.

Thus far, St. Mary’s has more than held its own in conference play and are currently undefeated.  However, this coming Tuesday night is show down time as they host the number 1 team in the conference Penn State Harrisburg who are also undefeated in conference play.  They have only lost one game all season and have been putting teams away by double digits.  They are among the top Division 3 teams in the country so it should be a good game.  Hopefully, St. Mary’s can hang with them.  

On my way up the road yesterday afternoon from Buzzy’s, I dropped in to catch St. Mary’s playing and stomping Penn College 86-53.  That marked their 7th straight win and sets them up for Tuesday night’s game against Harrisburg.  

If you plan to attend the game however, one note though, the College spectator policy requires wearing masks and showing your vaccine card (click here.)

No music today but instead here is a plug for this excellent Showtime documentary on PG County basketball and the many star players who have come from PG:

Documentary also does a good job discussing how the AAU under Curtis Malone became such a force in PG but ultimately collapsed into a drug scandal (click here.)

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