Prayers From Kids

Remember that Art Linkletter show Kids Say the Darndest Things?  Yeah, I hated it too mostly because I didn’t care much for Art.  I had him in that category of “How did this guy ever get to be a celebrity?”  (Remember how we had all those so called celebrities back then who didn’t really ever do much to become and remain celebrities?  For instance all those folks on the Hollywood Squares.  Of course today I guess the tradition continues with wastes-of-time like the Kardashians and all those other reality show idiots who somehow become more famous than they ever deserve to be.)

But back to Art and his kids’ saying shit schitck, since it is Sunday here is something similar I found called Prayers to God From Kids.  I don’t know how authentic all this is because some of the prayers seem a little too good to have come from kids but then again who knows?  Click here and I am sure you’ll have a laugh or two.

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