Ok, recognize I am a week late doing something on New Year’s resolutions but one of my Buzzy resolutions was not to worry too much about any deadlines or timeframes to do things.  (Too, I just came upon this discussion of resolutions and thought it worth passing along.)

Farmers Almanac
Note that when comparing 1947 list to today’s, the current ones seem like a little more fun don’t they?  Enjoy life, fall in love, and help others all sound like good resolutions to me.  (Note that Number 9 reminded of a Dylan tune that coincidently is playing on my CD player as I write this.  On his “Things Have Changed”  he sings the line  “Feel like falling in love with the first woman I meet, putting her in a wheel barrow and wheeling her down the street.”  Who hasn’t had that as one of their New Year’s resolutions?  OK so maybe nobody has, but still, it sounds kinda fun even if some of us may have trouble wheeling that wheelbarrow with someone in it.

For a good discusion of these differences in resolutions then and now (click here.)

For me, I’ll stay with the Rule of 3 as in there are only 3 resolutions to be made as follows:

1.  Give more than you take.

2.  Look out for your family and friends;  but first take care of yourself because you can’t help them if you are in no shape to do so.

3.  Enjoy the ride.  It’s a short one.

Following video has nothing to do with New Year’s resolutions but does feature John Madden and a funny take on the 1982 Super Bowl won by the 49ers over the Bengals.  This was the first Super Bowl that John announced.  (I think Eddie doesn’t hear the first gun shot so they had to fire it a second time.)

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