Birthday – Present and Past

12 Feb 2011 – Who’s That Chinaman in the Buzzy Shirt?

Today I mark 71 years of rolling down this highway of life.  Granted, I am not rolling as fast as I once did, but still, I manage to get from A to B so I can’t complain.  (What’s the customary follow-up when someone says that they can’t complain – it wouldn’t do any good anyway!)  

As for celebrating my mid-February birthday, I usually try to be someplace warm as in either a trip to Hawaii or Florida or being on a cruise ship to the Caribbean.  Even if neither of those are in the offing for today, as noted however, I can’t complain because it looks like my Higher Power has blessed us with some great weather for today.  Looks like I will be someplace warm after all, even if I never thought that it would be around here.

But with temps projected to be up in the 60’s and a very spring-like day ahead, it leads me to repeat my February mantra that any day in February above freezing and not snowing is a good day.  And when these two circumstances come together on your birthday, and you are still here to witness and celebrate it, then it really is a great day!

However, you should get out and enjoy this February-spring-break-day, because later on this evening and then into the night, February will show it’s you-know-what and revert back to cold temps with some snow thrown in just to show you that yes, all good things must pass.  

The photo above was taken in Hawaii at the top of Diamond Head where Ryan and I had hiked up to celebrate my 60th birthday.  When we got to the top, Ryan announced to everyone that it was my 60th birthday and then led them in singing Happy Birthday to me.  As birthday moments go that was a good one.  (I did this Buzzyblogpost on it back then (click here.)

And since I paraphrased George above, here he is performing that tune in 1997 on what would be his last appearance on T-V.  Did someone say ironic?

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