February Is Here!

 Why did the dude working in a calendar factory get fired?

He took a few days off in February thinking nobody would notice!

February birthdays for the extended Buzzy family include  Lisa Mercure the 5th, Jennifer Adkins the 6th, Linda Lepper the 10th, Martin “Mole” Morris the 11th, Rachel Miller the 12th, Cousin Lorraine Teefey the 17th, Chris McKay and my nephew JC Hofmeister the 19th, Pat Stover the 20th, my Father-in-law Sol Aroesty on the 21st, also Brianna Ridgell on the 21st; my nephew Stephen Taylor on the 27th; and Pat Guy the 28th. 

And yes, my big day slides in there along with Abe’s on the 12th.  While I am still not comfortable with being 70 even with a year of it under my belt, nevertheless time goes on.  Since my day falls on a Saturday this year, maybe I’ll do something special like go to bed at 10 p.m. instead of 9 o’clock.  

Twofer Tuesday so check out this video discussing 2 chord songs:

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