Girls Weekend T-shirts

Check out these samples of possible things to print on Girls Weekend T-shirts.  See if one of them in particular doesn’t catch your eye. 

These are the creation of Brittany Gulvas (click here for her website.)  Brittany is my friend Janet Whitt’s Granddaughter.

Recall that it was Brittany and her husband AJ who held their gender reveal party at Buzzy’s last September (click here.)  (It should be noted that no girls got left at Buzzy’s following that fun event.)

Speaking of lost weekends, here is a clip of Taj Mahal upstaging Clapton, Lennon and the Stones at their 1968 Rock and Roll Circus,  The Stones did not release the video of it until twenty years later because they felt that their drugged up performance was not as good as it should have been.  Hey, it’s only rock and roll right?  Maybe there should be a patch saying “Most likely to be passed out when it’s time to play some music.”

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