No Blues on Mondays

Closing Buzzy’s Country Store on Mondays has worked out well for me because it gives me a day off to not have to think about nor worry about the Store.  

Don’t get me wrong here, I do truly love and enjoy running Buzzy’s.  This is so, not because I’m making any great amount of money doing it, but mostly because I enjoy seeing and interacting with all my friends and folks who drop into the Store like they do.  Even on the slowest of business days (and Mondays were always Buzzy’s slowest) I didn’t mind being there because I always had several of my good friends around to talk to and to liven things up some.

That said however, as anybody who has ever run a business can attest, owning and running a business is like having a very hyperactive and demanding child who is in need of constant attention, mentoring and oversight.  (Note that I started to go with “having a business is like having a high maintenance woman in your life” but decided I better stay with the kiddo comparison just to stave off any misconceptions about that particular female reference.) 

As a result of closing Buzzy’s on Mondays then, I have a day off to do some things that don’t revolve around having to open the Store up.  And even if I don’t get to see my Buzzy friends, Monday has become one of my more favorite and relaxing days of the week.  

Mississippi John Hurt had an interesting musical career in that he was “discovered” very late in his life before he finally received some long overdue recognition.   John not only took Mondays off but spent several decades before making his musical mark.  (There is an interesting story how it was a couple of fans from Washington, D.C. who helped shine the limelight on John and his music after many years of anonymity (click here.))  Hey John, better late than never, right? 

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