Shamans Without Beliefs and Cherry Pie

I have mentioned Thomas Merton several times previously here on the Buzzyblog and how he never ceases to amaze me with his prophecies and observations.  

His meditation for today, written in 1963, seemed particularly relevant given that another war seems inevitable.  When are we gonna learn?

But to heck with all that worrisomeness.  (Think I just made that word up as the spell check genie didn’t care for it and highlighted it.  Screw her.)  But did you know that today is National Cherry Pie Day?  Didn’t think so.

It has to do with the myth of Georgie Boy cutting down that cherry tree and not telling a lie about it.  BREAKING NEWS – New found evidence reveals that George Washington did not cut down the cherry tree.  It was brought down by Russian hackers!

Sure came full circle with that one today, didn’t I?  Lord Jesus, pray for us.  Better yet how’s about you taking one Valdimir Putin up there to entertain you and your buds for awhile?!

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