Abate's Remembrance Poker Run Today

 Abate’s Remembrance Poker Run today will bring them to Buzzy’s Country Store mid  to late afternoon:

Celebrity’s Equinox

On the cruise ship these past couple of weeks, we spent some time doing our daily Happy Hours in what they called their Martini Bar.  I liked it mostly because it was well lit and had good service.  (Those dimly lit bars don’t do much for me.)  

However, the music played in the Martini Bar drove me crazy to the point where I couldn’t stand it.  Seems I always ended up sitting directly below a speaker and had to listen to this electronic/techno schlock that makes me sound like Buzzy talking about Jimi Hendrix as in “That’s just not music.”  

However, I forced myself to try and at least find something that wasn’t so awful.  This one made the cut musically even if the video is a little “out there.”

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