Buzzy Sign Done But Not Up Yet

Well, my clairvoyant skills were only off by a couple of weeks.

After months of waiting for the Buzzy’s Country Store roadside sign to be made by the folks at Chesapeake Embroidery, I told Pam the week before our trip “Now watch, they are going to call me and tell me that the sign is done just as I’m busy getting ready to be away for the next couple of weeks.” 

Well, thankfully they did not notify me the week before my trip, so my concerns were unfounded.   Also, my clairvoyant skills were humbled again.  Not the first time for that to have happened. (Good news is that I now know how to spell clairvoyant.)   

However, now back from my trip and plowing thru my emails I see a note from them saying that the Buzzy sign is ready for pick up.  Clairvoyant-wise then, I was only a couple weeks off.  

All of which sounds like a good excuse to have a sign party.  How’s about Easter Saturday we’ll have the unveiling of the new Buzzy sign.  I’ll even do a blogpost here about Christ rising from the dead along with the Buzzy sign making a comeback. On second thought, maybe I won’t. 

But speaking of coming back, check out Darius’ take on it:

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