Die at 75?

A recent Washington Post story (click here) reminded me of an article I stumbled upon in the Atlantic magazine “Why I Hope to Die by 75” by Doctor Ezekiel Emanuel (click here.)  

When I first read it, I thought that the author made a fairly sound case for punching out at or before the age of 75.  The fact that the average lifespan for U.S. men is 76 years sounded to me like someone “up there” may be actually implementing the Good Doctor’s suggestion.

But here today at the not-so-ripe age of 71, I’m having second thoughts that 75 is a good time to go.  I look around me and see folks like Hattie Dunbar who lived to be a 102 and was very active throughout her 80’s and 90’s.  Of course, our Charlie Simms at 95 continues to be the role model for many of us.  Maybe 85 is the new 75!  Remember when 64 was old?

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