Dos In Barbados

Twofer Tuesday so check out these two photos I took of famous residences in Barbados.  One of them was the temporary residence of one of our former Presidents while the second one is the home of someone currently on the scene.

GW House

Robin Fenty’s Home
The yellow home above served as 19-year-old George Washington’s residence when he landed in Barbados following his trip across the Atlantic from England.  (And no, there is not a sign posted anywhere that I could see proclaiming “George Washington Slept Here.”)  For a good article on Washington’s time in Barbados (click here.)

George only spent a couple months in Barbados before he moved on to bigger and better things.  Another famous Barbadian Robin Fenty spent her first 16 years living in Barbados before being discovered and making her move off the island.  

She would become a huge success as a rap star and then as a businesswoman with her Fenty clothing line.  Whereas she kept her last name for her clothing line, she used her middle name Rihanna as her stage name.  (What’s the definition of being famous? Answer – when you are known by one name.)   

Here is a nice little video of Rihanna showing another one-name celebrity Oprah the home that she grew up in.  Note how the current owner of her former house seems pretty laid back considering he had two superstars like that crashing his place for a visit. 

Speaking of places to live, I currently have a vacant apartment for rent at Buzzy’s Country Store. Teeney Boy is the most famous person to have ever lived in the apartment.  Apartment is $800 a month, utilities and wi fi included.

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