"Sick" Humor (Again!)

 Note:  I mistakenly hit the publish button on the following last month when it appeared here on the Buzzyblog.  No one bothered to tell me that my Ides of March reference was a month off and it remained “out there.”  

As I was preparing various posts to run here on the Buzzyblog while I am away for a couple weeks, I knew that I had done an Ides of March-related post but couldn’t find it in the draft file.  After some searching, I learned that it had been published in mid-February.

Joke-wise, here is this oldie but goodie for you:

And speaking of Caesar, ok I really wasn’t other than yesterday was the Ides of March, here is some useless trivia for you about the dudes who recorded this tune. They broke up due to an argument between two of its members as to which one of them was to be known as Little Caesar.  Following their breakup it could not be determined if either of them went into the pizza business. 

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