Time for Dirt

ย Here’ something to check out from my Pier 450 friends Peggy and Cathy:

(10) Spring Garden Clean Up at Pier450 | Facebook
We put a call out last week to see if anyone would be interested in helping us prep our gardens for spring โ€” in exchange for lunch at POV (and fabulous company, of course). You’ll get bragging rights and the satisfaction of knowing you helped create something beautiful here on the waterfront.
(As we’ve mentioned, we’re a pretty much bootstrapped operation, so we’re not above trading services for food! ๐Ÿ™ƒ)
We’ve set the first clean up date: Saturday March 5th from 9:30-1:15, with lunch at 1:30 in the restaurant (we’ve carved out a little spot where our almost assuredly dirty knees won’t disturb the other guests). It’s going to be sunny and 63 degrees…perfect.
We’ll set up an event notice so you can let us know if you’re planning to come. And we’ll follow with more details.
Come play in the dirt with us!
Got it? And after you get done playing in the dirt and having lunch at 450, you can always stop in a little juke joint country store just down the road a piece. (Note that while I was tempted to try and make some joke about “come play in the dirt at Buzzy’s” I held off doing so. Gonna keep in clean today. Usually, I’m not so circumspect. But when it comes to dirt……)

Currently this Dirt tune is a big hit on the country music charts:

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