A Sign of the Times

Polock and Buzzy 2007

Buzzy’s Reserved Parking for Ukrainians sign has had a storied past since Polock first gave it to Buzzy many moons ago.  For years it was on display in the front window of the Store.

I have done a couple of previous posts on it including this one in 2014 (click here) and this one in 2011 (click here.)

When the current catastrophe in Ukraine began spooling up, I dug the sign out and re-posted it in the Buzzy front window.

Since I have done so, several folks have noticed and commented.  They voice their support for the Ukrainian people and what they are currently having to endure.   

I agree with them of course.  However, a part of me is also very sadden that what started out as a little inside joke between Polock and Buzzy now represents something far more serious and is no longer a joking matter: 

Jennifer Odell Photo

I may have to take the sign down and put it back in storage.

And speaking of mixed messages, the Temptations were the first to record this song, but  because the Motown bubbas thought that it was too controversial a song for the Temps, they wouldn’t release it as a single for fear of offending their more conservative fans.  Edwin Starr said thank you and never looked back (click here for rest of the story:) 

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