Everything Including the Sun and Sonney

In clearing out some old photos stashed on my phone, the following ones caught my eye for various reasons.

Since none of these T-Vs meant anything to me, why then did this scene at the Valley Lee Transfer Station make me feel kinda old and sad.

On the more positive side of things, this print on our cruise ship wall caught my eye.  Perhaps it was that shadow, object or whatever it was lurking below her.

Speaking of art, swimming and things in the water, here is something my daughter Reagan called me just the other day asking for a copy of it.  From 1994, it is a caricature of Reagan where the artist Milliard Hampton got her perfectly and then added a funny looking little Jaws-fin in the water.

While killing time in the Ft. Lauderdale Airport, I saw this scene and was going for a “Multiple Modes of Transportation” photo.  Note how in the first photo I have the cruise ship in the background, a train rolling thru adjacent the interstate with cars and then a food truck in the foreground tooling along the tarmac. 

A few seconds later this plane came into the scene but by then the truck had moved on.

As I said, I had time to kill so I waited around another ten minutes or so trying to get a shot of all of these moving objects in one shot.  It never happened.  If I was any good with Photo Shop,  I would just plop that plane into the first shot and call it a day.  

Here is one I took of my Grandson Stoney sitting in the sun on Easter Sunday.  (Actually he is in the shadow of the sun but you get what I mean.)

And last but not least, a few days after Shea had moved to Marathon, Florida, he ran into Sonney Forrest.  Obviously they were having a good time:

Photo by Steve Elgersma

Finally, here is a photo I either took or copied from somewhere and of course can’t recall the particulars.  To whomever created this and I ripped you off without giving you credit, I apologize!  I think I was planning on trying to say something about how this sounds like Buzzy’s Country Store. 

And with all this talk of sun, how about Luke’s lucky summer song:

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