This May Be

As months go, April is ok as an appetizer, but May delivers the real deal.  Weather-wise for example, April is a little bit of tease with one day being pleasantly nice, but then the next day, back with the wintery conditions.  May on the other hand is much more consistently nice.   

Even the special days in May are nicer than the ones in April.  Poor April gets a Fools Day at the beginning, Tax Day in the middle and crazy Easter (talk about inconsistent) landing anywhere it chooses.  May has days such as Cinco de Mayo at its begining, Mothers’ Day in the middle and Memorial Day at its end.  

The Buzzy birthday listing in May starts off today with my niece Regi Hofmeister celebrating hers; Patrick Ridgell is on 6 May; Dave Berg 10 May; my cousins Joe White and Sister Marianne Ridgell also celebrate on 10 May; Robby Norris’ Carol on 11 May; Kevin Adkins 14 May; my nephew Todd’s wife Sherrie also the 14th and then their daughter Piper on 18 May; Kim McKay celebrates on 17 May;  Clyde Ridgell 18 May and Richard Mandeville on 19 May; my Daughter-in-law Stephanie’s Dad Eddie Elgersma is on 30 May; Bootsie Norris on 31 May.  And saving the best for last, my daughter Reagan celebrates hers’ on 19 May.

Yesterday when I went looking for a “sun” song I landed on Sting’s Nothing Like the Sun.  In reading about his solo album by that name, I learned that because most of the songs on that album were such downers, the record folks asked him to come up with something more upbeat that they could release as the first single from the album.  This is what the Stingster came up with.  Note – that is his wifeTrudie making an appearance as the object of his affection. 

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