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With unemployment rates at record lows, I read this article talking about perhaps the rates are too low (click here.)   Got me thinking about the whole jobs thing and some recent Facebook items that caught my eye.  Check out Ryan Evans’ blunt but very good help wanted ad.  (Obviously it worked because he later noted that the position has been filled.)

My buddy John Garner, whose daughter Mary Beth is a school teacher, posted this on his FB page:

Also, it made me think of this scene from the movie Dave where Kevin Kline, as a stand in President, comes up with this idea.  Stay with it to the end to see Helen Thomas and several D.C. politicos chiming in.  There is even an Oliver Stone conspiracy-related appearance on the Larry King show.

And finally, just to set up a song for you, see if you get this job interview joke:

Interviewer:  Can you perform under pressure?

Applicant:  No, but I can do a fairly decent cover of Bohemian Rhapsody.

Wonder if that applicant got the job.

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