Twofer Tuesday – Buzzy Visitors Looking to Buy a Home

This past weekend within about an hour of each other, 2 couples visited Buzzy’s Country Store inquiring about buying a house here somewhere in the County.  One of the couples was relocating here to take a job at Pax, while the other couple was looking for a place on the water to use as a second home and/or rent out as a VRBO.      

I call these kinds of folks the “smart buyers” because they are the ones who will visit a place like Buzzy’s to do their homework versus simply taking a real estate agent’s word on things.  If I know of any possible places that people are talking about putting on the market, I will tell these would-be-buyers about them.  My Buzzy friends in the Store will also offer suggestions and advice on possible properties that either are or may be coming up for sale.   

One of the visiting couples in the Store had their parents with them.  Turns out that Mom and Dad are former Marylanders who now reside in North Carolina.  Mom told me how when they initially retired, they bought a place in Chincoteague but did not care for the winters there.  They then moved to South Carolina where she noted that “It was too crazy there for us.”  She said that they then moved up to North Carolina and like living there.  

I wanted to ask her more about how much financial matters factored into their retirement move decisions but did not get a chance to do so.  Our conversation shifted to Mom’s son and daughter-in-law who are now moving back to Maryland after having been overseas for several years first in Bahrain and currently in Guam.  I thought “Wow these folks sure don’t mind moving around!”   

Speaking of moving around, Buzzy used to say “I’m going to pull a Hank Snow and go.”  I never thought much about him saying that until just now when I went looking for a moving on song.  I learned that Buzzy’s quote was inspired by Hank when he wrote and recorded this tune (click here.)  Now I know why Buzzy said that.  Here’s a coincidence for you – Hank’s real first name was Clarence same as Buzzy’s.

P.S. Tomorrow I’ll tell you about a third couple in Buzzy’s this past weekend who have relocated from Maryland to Florida and are loving life there in the Sunshine State.

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