Derby Redux

Kentucky Derby Day was a fun one at Buzzy’s Country Store.  And yes we had some folks in hats.  Here is Michele looking very stylish wearing a hat that matched her Buzzy red shirt.  

On the other hand, Charlie wasn’t too concerned about the hat matching anything he was wearing.

And what were the odds that Gordon would be sporting the same hat? (Answer- it was the same hat.)  I’m not sure if it was Barbara who brought the hat in, but I am fairly certain it was neither Charlie nor Gordon.

Speaking of odds, 80-1 longshot Rich Strike ran a great race to come from nowhere and beat the more favored ponies ahead of him.  To watch it again (click here).  Rich was not the longest shot ever to win a Derby as Donerail still holds that record from his 1913 win as 90-1 choice (click here for related story.)   

And speaking of being lucky, here is a trick music question for you – name the highest selling Australian female artist of all time.  If you said Olivia Newton John, as I would have guessed, well, we are both wrong.  Kylie Minogue recorded this lucky tune as her first record in 1987 and then went on to become the biggest selling female artist ever from the land down under.  

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