Memorial Day – Jokes on Me?

Buzzy’s Country Store will be open this Monday Memorial Day so swing by if you are out and about.

Unlike most of our other holidays, there are not too many jokes out there about Memorial Day. This is rightfully so because, after all it is the day that we honor those who have died defending our country.

However, you know the drill – no matter how solemn or sensitive a subject may be, jokers are gonna joke. For example, here are three Memorial Day jokes ranging from stupid to one probably deemed in bad taste. Yep, just like a Memorial Day picnic, there is something for everybody. First up is the stupid one you can tell your kids and/or annoy your friends with:

Why do cows like this holiday so much? Because they think it is Moomorial Day.

Ok, now we get serious, maybe even a little too serious all things considered:

What’s the best thing about having Memorial Day off? Three straight days without a school shooting.

I know, as jokes go, that one is pretty sad isn’t it? Sad, but very true though.

How about then, I leave you with a “cute” MD joke? (And remember, I don’t often cater to cute.)

A pastor noticed a young boy looking at the many names on the Church wall. When he asked the young boy what he was looking at, the young boy said “All those names. Who are they?” The pastor replied “They are the reason why we have Memorial Day. They are people who died in the service.” The boy became very quiet for a few seconds and then asked the pastor “Was it at the 9 o’clock service or the 11 o’clock one?”

Let’s conclude with some music for you featuring no joking around about the upcoming holiday:

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