St. James Gift Card and Buzzy’s

Future trick question for you: where did the very first St. James Deli and Spirits Gift Card make its debut? Yep, the correct answer is Buzzy’s Country Store. Here is how that came to pass.

Yesterday my friend Dave Thompson visited Buzzy’s and showed me the first of the St. James Deli and Spirits gift cards that they are now offering. He asked that I have a lottery and give it to one of my Buzzy friends who were in the Store at the time. In other words – Dave was gifting the gift card.

I ginned up a Buzzy lottery that had folks pull a number. As you can see here, Dave called out the winning number and then presented the first St. James Gift Card to Kim Wiley who held the winning number 3.

Dave Announcing Winning Number of First St. James Gift Card

XM Channel 31 has been counting down the Top 100 Tom Petty tunes as voted on by listeners (click here for complete ranking.) American Girl was voted Number 1. Catch it at the 42:30 mark in the following:

Note – the Orioles have taken two out of three from the Red Sox at Fenway in their 5 game series this weekend and are the surprise team of the MLB season so far.

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