You Know It When You Feel It

I still don’t consider Buzzy’s a bar even though that is what it is. Buzzy started it down that path years ago turning the Store into a bar. I have merely cemented the deal and reluctantly admit that, for better or worse, Buzzy’s Country Store should really be renamed Buzzy’s Bar.

These thoughts came to my mind when I stumbled upon the following Vine Pair article discussing Best Kitsch Bars in America:

Thus, Buzzy’s was a country store that thru the years morphed into a bar whose “theme” is just that – an old country store. Folks either get it or they don’t.

Fortunately, I have a number of close Buzzy family and friends who do “get it” and continue to drop into the Store quite frequently. See? I still call it the Store! Whereas Buzzy’s used to be a full up general store that just happened to also sell beer, now it is a bar that just happens to sell a couple other items. I don’t know if that qualifies Buzzy’s as a kitsch bar or not, but it is what it is.

Of the nine best American kitsch bars cited in the Vine Pair article, the closest one in our region is a Richmond bar named after the band GWAR. To check out the bar’s FB page (click here.) To give the band a look and a listen to, check out this video. I’m betting you can only stay with it for 40-60 seconds if that long. Like Buzzy’s, these boys are an acquired taste.

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