Twofer Tuesday – Two Pages From Mr. Long’s Ledger

JB Long’s Ledger

I found the above from Jessica Hall Davis posted on Massey’s You Know You’re From St. Mary’s If… page. I have enlarged the left side of the ledger showing William Alvey’s charges which as noted were “Over due.” Looks like back then beers went for 15 cents each and drinks were a quarter. Mr. Alvey also charged a couple bottles of gin @ $4.25 each and a carton of cigarettes for $1.50.

In the comments section with the post, one of Mr. Alvey’s kin Jim Alvey noted that “Uncle William had it going on!” Another comment stated that Mr. Alvey liked to party. Ya’ think?

Here are those and some other comments from Jessica’s post:

And speaking of partying, check out Joe Ely’s rock n roll version of Robert Earl Keen’s signature song. Thank you to Mike Whitson for sending this tune my way.

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