Quotable Fourth

Just take the words freedom, flag and country, throw in a verb or two and you will end up with a half decent 4th of July quote. However, try and pen one without those words and now you have a challenge. Check some samples here that didn’t fit that formula, but came out pretty good anyway. (For more examples click here.)

OK, so Mark did use the word country in his statement. However, when it comes to quoting someone, the Twainster is required reading because he always knew how to inject a little humor into his quotes. Thus, let’s look at some funny 4th of July quotes:

But leave it to the King of Comedy George to sum it up best:

Jay Black was the lead singer of the act you knew as Jay and the Americans. Here is Paul Anka introducing them on the T-V show Hullabaloo.

PS – Buzzy’s will be open on the 4th for you to drop in and celebrate it Buzzy-style – with a drink!

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