Happy Birthday Marley!

My Granddaughter

Note to Marley:

One year old today and your single candle glows,

Remember this from your Old Granddad who has seen 71 of those:

Enjoy the little things in life, because one day you will know,

Those were the big things, even if they happened so long ago.

Love you little one year old!

Music-wise I was going to play Oh Very Young, but seem to recall that I used that one recently. However, when I re-listened to it just now, it made me curious about the vocal singer Cat had backing him up. Well, thanks to that there Search button, I learned that it was a New Zealand lady named Suzanne Lynch. She is currently in a group named The Ladykillers and is seen here singing lead on Neil’s classsic tune about aging. Hey, Neil, were you singing to or about me?!

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