Buzzy July Birthdays

Fireworks, birthdays, picnics, summer time and the livin’ is fine. Lots of notable party days in July include birthdays for Robby Hall on the 3rd, Michelle Ridgell also on the 3rd, Sonney Forrest 7th, Timmy Marum 10th,Marcia Raley 11th, Greg Cullison and Pam Birmingham 14th, Karen White 17th, Chris Axtell 18th, Herbie McKay and Debbie Gerek-Larsen 19th, Billyjo (BJ) Barnes-Mills 23rd, Dave Thompson 24th, Steve Decker 26th, Ron Yeatman 28th and Ethan Davis 29th.

In my immediate family, Daughter-in-law Stephanie Ridgell celebrates on the 11th, my Great-niece Chesa Allen 18th, my Step-daughter Jennifer Odell on the 27th.

And, as if all those birthdays weren’t reasons enough to have a celebration or two over the course of the next 30 days, there is also that 4th of July 246th birthday of the greatest country in the history of man. (Note that there are some caveats about 9 other dates that may represent when the USA was “born” (click here for those.) Maryland figures in Birthday #7 but the surprising and best one comes in at #10 with the origins of a certain hamburger joint. Check it out.)

And as for the USA being the greatest country, this video below still remains very relevant and probably the best explanation ever of why that is no longer the case. I have played the original Newsroom T-V show excerpt of this a couple of times previously for you. However, check out this take on it where a young lady provides commentary as she views it for the first time and so eloquently concludes “This was pretty, pretty dope y’all. I enjoyed myself getting my learn on.”

P.S. My brother Steve would have been 70 today. Stop by later and we’ll have one in memory of him. I took the following photo of him at Pam’s and my wedding party in 2008. It is still my favorite photo of him. The Aaron song/video always makes me think of Steve, especially when Aaron does his little rap at the 3:10 mark followed by the sax solo. I can see Steve dancing somewhere. (The boy could dance.)

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