Playing in Buzzy’s

                                            Blaise With His Truck
Stone With the Buzzy Plunger

Photos of my Grandsons Blaise and Stone playing in Buzzy’s Country Store. Everytime a toddler in Buzzy’s starts playing with that plunger Stone has in hand, I always think of Buzzy once telling me how he had noticed how much kids gravitated to the box of small plungers that he had on display and for sale. He said “Kids love playing with them. Too bad we can’t paint them or something and sell them as a toy.”

Well, I am now down to that one lone, small plunger from that stash Buzzy once had and pretty sure I won’t be re-stocking them. That is unless I act on his paint-and-sell-em-as-a-toy plan.

And speaking of playing, Jerry’s birthday is coming up in a couple of days. On 1 August he would have turned 80 if here and still playing in this band called Life. Although Jerry doesn’t get much camera time in this video (3:40 mark) he can be heard noodling throughout the tune.

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