Cuties and Kings in Buzzy’s

Yesterday I told you about Dave Thompson bringing his St. James Deli Food Truck down to Buzzy’s this past Saturday. However, I saved the following for Twofer Tuesday to tell you about two other groups that also dropped into the Store on Saturday.

The Kings of Mayhem (KOM) rolled into the Store around 1:30 with about 50 bikers conducting their annual South Run ride. This is from their FB page:

Had I read the above beforehand, I would not have been so taken aback Saturday when two burly, bearded dudes dressed in drag also strolled into the Store along with several of the KOM dudes. My first thought on seeing the “Cuties” was of course “WTH is up with this?”

However, once the duo made it to the counter and disseminated their Clements Cuties cards and calendars, I learned that they were part of the Clements Cuties Organization and that the KOM ride was a fund raiser for them. This from their FB page:

Here are a couple of photos from the KOM FB page showing them at Buzzy’s:

Some Pretty Good Photoshopping Was Done Here But the Background Image is Not Correct – Should Show the Buzzy Beer Cases
Nothing Photoshopped About This One Though

Speaking of fund raising, St. James Deli posted this on their FB page:

I’ll spare you any the drag queen musical options (click here for one) and instead stay with Eric and Lee jamming on this upbeat tune:

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