St. James Deli at Buzzy’s

Great time this past Saturday at Buzzy’s thanks to Dave Thompson and his crew from St. James Deli.   Some photos for you:

Dave at St. James Early Saturday Morning Getting Ready to Get Ready
Brian Helping Guide Them Into Buzzy’s
Smoke Everywhere (And Not From Burning Tires for a Change)

Dave elected to do this as part of his weekend birthday celebration. His actual birthday was Sunday and yes it was a big one with a zero in it! Here is a photo Arden took of me surprising him with an ice cream cake as everyone sang Happy Birthday.

Clyde’s Got Dave’s Back
Arden’s Tat
Front Row – Arden, Elaina, Marlon, Gretchen and Dave. Back row, Emily, Josh and Charlie
Thank you St. James Deli!

For some reason this Steely Dan tune came to mind. Maybe because of the “we’re grilling burgers on the back lawn” line (3:30 mark.)

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