Buzzy Politics

When Buzzy passed in June of 2009, Enterprise reporter Jesse Yeatman wrote a very a nice article about him. Jesse included biographical info about Buzzy as well as several quotes from family and friends. (Thanks to the Enterprise archives being on our County Library’s website, you can re-read that front page article by clicking here.)

In another local newspaper around back then, St. Mary’s Today’s Ken Rossignol also wrote a nice article about Buzzy. However, Ken focussed more on Buzzy’s political career. (As far as I know, St. Mary’s Today is not archived online, but I kept this hard copy of that edition with the Buzzy article and have reprinted it here for you.)

When Ken noted that during Buzzy’s time as County Commissioner they passed the first County Budget that went over a million dollars, it made me wonder what today’s budget is. Answer seems to be approximately $289 million (Click here .)

Puff Daddy had it sussed out 20 some years ago with this tune. (Note that if it sounds a little too repetitive for you, go to the 2:58 mark for Lil Kim’s verse and the tap dancing following her appearance.)

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