Buzzy Political Ads

Here are a couple other clippings I found in the Buzzy files having to do with his political career.

These ads were posted in the Enterprise during the 1982 County Commissioner race between Buzzy and David Sayre. Note the differences in the 2 ads:

In the first ad he had the “Air Force Pilot” listed last in his qualifications. I remember asking him why he had not listed it first. His response was that he didn’t want people to think that he was bragging about it and sound like he was “putting on airs.” I told him “That’s what people do in political ads. Lead with that!” As you can see in Ad 2, he took my advice.

The other difference you will note in the 2 ads is how he boxed in the name Clarence. He did that because Charles Ridgell was running for another Commissioner District and folks were confusing which Ridgell was which.

Ultimately it all didn’t matter because Buzzy lost to Mr. Sayre as noted here in the Enterprise’s post-election coverage:

Speaking of running, there are rumors of a food truck being at Buzzy’s tomorrow afternoon around 2 p.m. doling out some freebies for folks. (In return, they are suggesting donations for local charities.) Cubanos will not be on the Food Truck menu tomorrow at Buzzy’s, but St. James Deli serves up a very good one if you are in the mood for it. (Warning – after watching this video, you will be.)

From the movie Chef

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