BuzzBallz – Cocktail Grenades

I have previously discussed how it was a very good sales rep for one of the liquor distributors who first talked me into stocking BuzzBallz back in 2020 (click here.) Since then they have proven to be a hit with my Buzzy patrons and friends.

As for some background info on BuzzBallz, Wiki has this to say on how they came to be buzzing:

BuzzBallz – Wikipedia

BuzzBallz are part of a growing trend in the alcohol industry known as Ready to Drink or RTD for short. RTD had been around for some time. However, it was the pandemic and bars being closed that really boosted their sales as folks wanted a good drink that they didn’t have to mix themselves (click here for an article “Canned Cocktails Are Crushing It” discussing how RTD grew so fast.)

And just yesterday Amy Aud was in Buzzy’s and later posted this on her FB page:

Photo by Angela Breck

When it comes to crushing it, Brad knew all about it:

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