Corn Talk (Lend Me Your Ears)

In yesterday’s Buzzyblog post I made a joke about a discussion in Buzzy’s Country Store involving which tasted better white or yellow corn. Well, truth is – that was not a joke. Rather, it was an actual, recent conversation in Buzzy’s where folks gave their opinions as to whether they preferred white over yellow corn and which tasted better.

Seems that the white corn won out among my Buzzy corn connossieurs who claim to know and have made a study of these sort of things. The consensus among them was that the white corn is usually sweeter and hence preferrable. A compromised solution from a couple of Buzzy folks (the independents maybe?) seemed to maintain that they preferred corn containing both white and yellow. (These corn connossieurs never did get around to explaining to me just how this form of integrated corn comes about. I’ll pose that question to them another day. It does seem funny though that while corn does not have a problem with being integrated color-wise, some humans seem to have a whole lot of issues with it.)

Looking for an official source on this matter, as opposed to my Buzzy experts, I landed on the following article/excerpt from the food source authority Epicurious:

However, check out Orioles’ fan Chef Morehead who definitely believes that there is a clear difference between the two. He landed firmly on the yellow side of the stalk. (Note – the Orioles have now won 9 in a row, and that is NOT a corn reference.)

Musically, Blake did not have any “corn-tribution” on this yellow versus white “corn-troversy.” However, he did record this “corn-try” song in praise of all things corn. (I could “corn-tinue” with this corny “corn-versation,” but I can hear you screaming “PLEASE corn-clude!” And so I will. Enjoy the music.

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