Dog Days?

When I saw an early July article discussing how we were entering the dog days of summer, I thought “OK I’ll wait until we’ve had a couple 100 degree days in a row and then do a post on the dog days.”

Well, guess what? That never happened. (See the above chart of our Southern Maryland weather.) We had a couple July days that were mid-90’s hot that along with the humidity made it feel like a 100+ degrees. However, for the most part, the dog days stayed away (click here for a day-by-day summary of our July weather.

But this was not always the case. For example, years ago I did a post (click here) on how I decided to tear the roof off my house and did so on the 3 hottest days on record as follows:

Note Second Sentence – “Dogs lay low, lights dimmed and a/c’s broke.”

Speaking of used to be bad, check out Paul and Steve jamming on this one:

Remember that Buzzy’s has some things to keep you cool – dog days or not!

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