To Buzzy’s and Back – Continued

Photo by Lisa Mercure

This afternoon will see a busload of my Piney Point neighbors and friends visiting Buzzy’s Country Store sometime around 1 – 1:30. This will mark their first post-pandemic trip although they made the trek a couple of times previously. (Here is a post about one of their previous visits (click here.))

Their itinerary includes stops at Betty Russell’s, Pier 450, Buzzy’s, the Green Door and Chief’s Bar. It is a fun group and yes everybody is definitely in a party mood. If you are out and about stop by and say hello to them.

Speaking of partying and 80’s music, as I did in yesterday’s post, Lionel Richie laid this party tune on us in 83. Note at the 2:00 mark he goes into the “Jambo Jumbo” lyrics. Lionel says that he made up all those foreign-sounding phrases because he didn’t want to wait for a translator to help him write some lyrics that made sense (click here.) Regardless, it still sounds pretty good.

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