Take a Chance

Much conversation in Buzzy’s Country Store the past couple days about tonight’s Mega Millions drawing worth over a billion dollars and that’s a billion with a B. I am sure it will be talked about some more today as the drawing is not until 1100 tonight. And if someone doesn’t win tonight, the conversation will continue into next week.

These conversations have a predictable course but are fun and energized. Almost everyone joins in and wants to interject just what they would do with their winnings if they were to win. Working folks repeat just what they would say to their boss and coworkers. Retired folks talk about boats and travel. Some altruistic souls will mention trying to do something “good” with their new-found wealth.

Somewhere along the line, someone will play the skunk-at-the-garden-party-role and mention the astronomical odds of winning the lottery. Being struck by lightning and/or attacked by a shark will get cited alot. (It’s time to come up with some other long shot examples don’t you think?) These warnings usually conclude when someone very astutely notes “I don’t give a damn about all that because somebody’s gonna win and it may as well be me!”

Another topic of winning so much money, involves having to deal with all those relatives, friends and folks who would pester you for money knowing that you had just come into a large windfall. These conversations will offer up answers of trying to remain anonymous, moving away or building a gated compound. The more blunt-speaking folks in the group will offer up solutions involving profanity, fists and guns.

Ultimately, someone will put a stop to all the b.s.’ing about winning by simply asking “Why are we all talking about this because neither Christ one of us are gonna win!” On that note, the conversation will conclude with somebody saying “Agreed, but it sure is nice to dream about it.”

Music-wise, the 80’s sometimes get a bad rap (click here) but here’s a tune that was kinda catchy and a had good video with it. Young lady is Joyce Hyser who also appeared in the TV series LA Law.

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