Camden Yards at 30

Very purposely, I have avoided any mention of the Orioles and how well they have been playing. All that superstition stuff you know?

However, today I do want to relay something Orioles-related that I just happened to catch on TV yesterday afternoon when I got home from the Store and turned on their pre-game show. They held a ceremony celebrating Camden Yards having been around for 30 years. (Quick aside here – you know you are getting old when ball parks that were built during your time start having milestone birthdays.)

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, I managed to track down a MASN video of the ceremony in its entirety and have included it below for all you die hard O’s fans to check out. It’s all good but a couple of hi lites for me included seeing Brooks (1:27) Devereaux’s catch (8:00) the opening day snow delay (12:38) and the final 5 minutes (18:25 on) where Moose and Eddie were honored. It was also good to hear their previous play-by-play guy Johnny Miller describing some of the highlights (e.g. 6:32.)

I will have the O’s game on at Buzzy’s this afternoon. I still won’t comment here on how well they are doing, but if you get the significance of this photo and can explain it to me, you got a beer coming your way:

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